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Enabling functional phenomics at 

single-cell resolution

Array and track thousands of cells as they interact with others and respond to their immediate surrounding.

A Cellular Universe In Thousands Of gel Beads

The immediate surrounding of cells matters in vivo.
So why shouldn’t it in vitro?

Quantifying biological parameters in a population of cells obscures critical insights into how microenvironment and neighboring cells influence function, especially in heterogeneous samples. Unlock those interactions by performing single-cell measurements but on a massively parallel platform.

CellCity is a unique microfluidics concept for the analysis of live cells that documents what thousands of cells in a defined arrangement and environment are doing at single-cell resolution. Control cell proximity to elucidate interactions. Track phenotype changes over time and space. Open new frontiers in cell-based biomedical research. That is the transformative power of CellCity.


  • CELL INTERACTION ANALYSIS. Co-position cells to study hundreds of interactions at a time.
  • FUNCTIONAL GENETICS. Link changing functional phenotypes to underlying genotypes.
  • IN-DEPTH POPULATION STUDIES. Reveal how cells function in a physiologically accurate context.
Evorion Cellular Universe


Simple workflow. Easy setup. Powerful research tool.
Cell encapsulation

Cell encapsulation:

Encapsulate individual, pairs or groups of cells in a gel bead that acts as a protective and diffusible microenvironment. Work with a range of cell sizes, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes.

Gel bead trapping

Gel bead trapping:

Immobilize up to 2000 cell-laden gel beads in microfluidic traps on the CellCity Array Chip to form an array where each gel bead is uniquely identified by its precisely defined position.

Cell culture

Cell culture:

Culture and optionally stimulate cells under tightly controlled conditions. The cells can be uniformly perfused with nutrients or treatment factors across the CellCity Array Chip.

Cell analysis & Staining

Cell analysis:

Couple endpoint measurements to time-lapse data. Simultaneously capture the responses of single cells  in multiparametric analyses, such as time-lapse fluorescent imaging and immunohistochemistry.

The Brain of Evorion

The Setup

The Software – The Brain – The Incubator – The Array Chip

Precision engineering makes CellCity a powerful analysis tool, but smart design makes it a seamless user experience. With plug-and-play format, carefully planned components and easy portability, the entire system plugs right into any inverted imaging system, any lab setup, any study routine.

Evorion The Brain

The brain

Control unit

The CellCity Control Unit automates all workflow steps essential for reliable cell culture and analysis and executes the experimental design through integrated control software.

  • Powerful and fast, traps thousands of cell-laden gel beads on a CellCity Array Chip within a few minutes
  • Light-weight, easily portable and designed for a quick plug-and-play setup
  • Brings microfluidic cell culture to any lab (intuitive user experience, automated flow control and priming, bubble-free operation)
  • Precision engineering delivers uniform perfusion to ensure homogeneous culture conditions


On your inverted imaging system

The CellCity Incubator holds the CellCity Array Chip and maintains the relevant experimental conditions for long-term, live-cell analysis.

  • A complete, miniature incubator (37°C, 5% CO2). No need for any other chamber.
  • Designed in a microtiter plate format to fit on your inverted microscope setup.
  • Controlled and optimized heating to work with low volumes and temperature sensitive samples
  • The CellCity Incubator can be easily moved to a cell culture hood for uninterrupted sterile conditions and handling
The Incubator Of Evorion
The Chip Of Evorion

The chip

with 2000 beads

The CellCity Array Chip is a high-precision microfluidic device that places single, pairs and groups of cells into an array of gel beads for sterile culture and analysis. No microfluidics experience required


  • Cell-laden gel beads are captured in the 500 microfluidic traps of 4 microfluidic channels to analyze up to 2000 gel beads at a time
  • Accommodates different cell types and cell lines, in particular primary cells (e.g. HUVEC, breast cancer cells, brain tumors, CAR-T cells, macrophages, leukemia cells and even bacteria)
  • Includes a high-resolution temperature sensor integrated at the cell culture site exactly where the correct temperature is needed
  • Augments insights with endpoint data by making it easy to stain cells (e.g., immunostaining, surface staining) after time-lapse (fluorescent) imaging


Ready-to-use Notebook included

User-friendly, proprietary PC-software communicates with the control unit to regulate and perform all essential workflow steps


  • Built-in performance-checks ensure reliable and accurate assay outcomes
  • Accelerates and simplifies workflows e.g. with cell counting and gel bead analysis tools
The Software Of Evorion

Your Advantages

More insights from every cell

Co-Position two cells

Easily enclose two cells in one bead to monitor communication & regulation

Link a cell’s genes and function

Track reporter genes and other modifications of single cells upon response to stimuli


See phenotypic heterogeneity in populations

Show phenotypic variation across time & space, even track monoclonal cells

Preserve the 3D space around cells

Easily control & maintain their chemical & cellular microenvironment

Use your existing protocols

No need to start from scratch. CellCity works with your bioassays & imaging setup


Your ideas. Your cells. Your assay

Answer questions with rare, eukaryotic, prokaryotic, primary or other cells

Control your experiment

Quickly set, adjust, and change conditions to examine how cells respond

Gain complex insights fast

1 chip, 4 channels, 2000 beads. Generate large, meaningful datasets in each run


Conduct reliable live-cell studies

Gentle processing, uniform perfusion and stable culture ensure cell integrity & vitality

One Platform. Endless Applications.

Cell-cell interactions

Study cellular communication at single-cell resolution, for example during EMT (epithelial–mesenchymal transition) in cancer metastasis.

Cell Killing

Discover and explore serial killing events of individual CAR-T cells. 

Cell division

Use cell division as a functional readout to understand the role of cell proliferation in disease.


Visualize at single-cell resolution how, for example, a macrophage phagocytoses a cancer cell.

Financial benefits

Productivity on any budget, with any sample


Impactful insights from as little as 10 μl sample volume



Targeted and uniform perfusion culture saves reagents (200 μl per condition per day)



Instead, boost the capabilities of your current microscope or confocal setup


A simple, robust & partly hands-free workflow frees time and avoids reworks
The Chip Of Evorion

Long-term live-cell imaging of the cellular interaction between breast cancer cells (MCF7, red) and endothelial cells (HUVEC, green) at single-cell resolution. Data courtesy:  Rezaei M. et al., 2020

Latest publication


In a recently published study, Prof. Johannes A. Eble at the University of Münster investigated signaling between adjacent endothelial and breast cancer cells that may induce ectopic VE-cadherin expression in tumor cells.

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Using evorion CellCity, the research team examined cellular communication between individual primary endothelial cells (HUVECs) and breast cancer cells (MCF7).

They encapsulated single cells and co-positioned them on the CellCity Array Chip in a physiologically relevant microenvironment. Long-term live-cell imaging analysis at single-cell resolution revealed a previously unknown time-dependent uptake by cancer cells of extracellular vesicles derived from endothelial cells.

In addition, the cancer cells underwent significant morphological changes and expressed common endothelial markers, like VE-cadherin, after interacting with the endothelial cells.

Your research group will
love you

Advantages for your research group and institution

Boost your visibility

Learn more from every study. Produce data faster. Publish insights sooner

Completely sterile cell handling

The self-contained chip makes it easy to prevent contamination, even in shared labs

Simple workflow for any user

Designed for busy labs, anyone can prepare and run experiments

Less input, less waste

Miniaturized assays mean powerful but resource-saving outcomes

Flexible and portable

Little bigger than a book, CellCity is portable & easily plugged in where you need it



Fewer cells needed for experiments makes applying the 3Rs easier

Experience CellCity now

Let’s talk about your research questions and goals. We’ll show you how evorion CellCity can advance your work.


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