Adoptive Cell

Accelerating next-generation cell-based therapies.

UnRavEl immune-cancer cell interactions

The identification and selection of specific immune cells is the key to maximizing efficacy and minimizing the unwanted side effects of personalized cell-based immunotherapies.

The efficacy and specificity of therapeutics like CAR-T cells is determined by the interactions of tumor cells with T-cells and the surrounding matrix. Thus, a systematic characterization of these complex interactions serves as the basis for the accurate selection of therapeutic T-cell.

Apply functional phenomics to drive your research and novel breakthroughs in adoptive cell therapy.

Your Advantages

from CellCity in regards to immune cell therapy:

Monitor cells in a controlled, 3D microenvironment

Screen thousands of cells for multiple function or structure parameters

Pair T-cells with tumor cells to track their interactions

Expand selected T-cells in a growth-promoting environment

Use tumor cell killing and endpoint to select therapeutic T-cells

Work in a continuously sterile environment