CellCity Kits

Validated and optimized, CellCity Kits are easy-to-use, harmonized and complete reagent sets that accelerate your functional phenomics workflow for top results in less time.

  • The CellCity Array Kit kickstarts your functional phenomics workflow, allowing you to immobilize, culture and image up to 3.700 gel beads in its microfluidic double traps.
  • Contains optimized reagents to establish your complete workflow from cell encapsulation to bead trapping on the CellCity Array Chip.

Chip design

Four microfluidic channels with 425 microfluidic double traps each. You can trap and analyse up to 3.700 gel beads.


4x Bead Formation Solution (0.2mL)
4x Serum supplemented Buffer A (1 mL)
1x Serum free Buffer B (8 mL)
1x Demulsification solution (0.5 mL)
4x Hydrogel A (100 µL)
1x Priming Solution (0.8 mL)
4x Trapping Solution (0.8 mL)
4x CellTrics® 100 µm filter


The Details

User-friendly macro-to-micro interface. Use standard laboratory pipets to add reagents and medium

Designed with four separated channels, facilitating four different experimental conditions on the same chip

Integrated high-resolution temperature sensor ensures accurate temperature during cell culture

Fabricated on #1.5 (170 µm) cover slides, CellCity Array Chip is a great interface for inverted high-resolution microscopy


CellCity System


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