CellCity Software

Our proprietary CellCity Software and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analysis tools help researchers minimize experimental steps and accelerate analyses in real-time.

CellCity ScoutAI

To facilitate high-resolution imaging and analysis of hydrogel encapsulated single cells or cell pairs, our software portfolio includes an artificial intelligence (AI)-based position selection tool: CellCity ScoutAI. Automatically select hundreds of positions of interest on the CellCity Array Chip for your experimental workflow.


  • Automatically scans the whole CellCity Array Chip to identify relevant positions
  • Defines trackable coordinates to all immobilized cell-laden gel beads on the CellCity Array Chip
  • Carries out AI powered selection of specific positions of interest (single-cells, cell pairs or cell clusters) for further analysis
  • Optimizes selection based on different fluorescent channels
  • Reduces time-consuming imaging routine setup, increases throughput and reproducibility

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