You can be on the frontier of one of our CellCity’s with the incredible Early Adopter program.

Are you passionate about driving the next-generation of biomedical, translational, and clinical research? Breakthroughs in your research can have implications across all the life sciences – including immunology, oncology, infectious biology, and regenerative medicine – and are the seeds for this transformation.

Be among the first to try our innovative functional phenomics CellCity platform in your own research lab, and gain novel insights into complex biological mechanisms by observing your cells interacting with each other within the microcosm of their own unique CellCityscape.

Be an early adopter of our next-generation technology and join a community of innovators.


A seamless transition into your CellCity for
You and your team

Let’s work together to accelerate your discoveries and catapult your research! Join our Early Adopter Program, an initiative designed for leading scientists who want to be at the forefront of transforming the future of life science research. Observe your cells interacting in their new CellCity environment, and find out how our ground-breaking live-cell analysis platform can advance your research by enabling you to track phenotypic changes in 1000s of cells over time and space at single-cell resolution in a controlled cellular microenvironment.


Program Details

Get your training kit

Get your training kit

We’ll send a full training kit directly to your laboratory for free and you can try it for three full weeks.


Try it

Try the CellCity System in your laboratory with no obligation to buy and full technical support and services

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Early Adopter discount

Benefit from a special discount when ordering your own CellCity System exclusively after the trial.



How can I participate in the Early Adopter Program?

Please get in touch with us via our 45 sec. inquiry form or send us an email to info@evorion.de We will be happy to discuss your research goals and participation.

What are all the elements of the Early Adopter Package?
The package includes a fully functional CellCity System with all the necessary technical accessories required for installation, including:
3 CellCity Array Kits, each consisting of a CellCity Array Chip and all the reagents required for the workflow* and a ready-to-use notebook with our software included.

All this will be delivered directly to your research facility.
* except for reagents and media for cell culture.

Is there an introduction to help me get started?

We will be there for you from day one until the very end of your trial period if you still need us.
We have prepared a user-friendly introduction session on-site or online through a live workshop tailored exclusively to your knowledge & needs.

What is the Early Adopter discount?

If you decide to buy the evorion CellCity System after the trialperiod, you will be eligible for a special discount on the purchase price.
With this offer, we would like to support you in your leading role as an innovator in your field!

Is it really free during the trial period?

Yes, it is free.

This is your chance to try the most innovative single-cell multiparametric analytical tools for functional phenomics on the market. The only cost at this stage is the CellCity Array Kit, which is the only thing you need in order to start making history!

How do I send the CellCity System back ?
We will take care of all the shipping arrangements so you can just unpack your key to innovation and begin your journey with our CellCity System.
All the essential elements will come in well-thought out packaging, protecting the hard and software properly, which can then be reused again the return shipment.


Our program ends soon and availability is limited, so don’t miss out on this risk-free opportunity to dive into the new dimension of functional phenomics analysis.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Early Adopter Program.