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Are you passionate about driving next-generation biomedical, translational and clinical research? Breakthroughs in your research have implications across the life sciences – including immunology, oncology, infectious biology, regenerative medicine – and are the seeds for this transformation.

Let’s work together to accelerate your discoveries and catapult your research! Join our “Early Adopter Program”, an initiative designed for leading scientists who want to be at the forefront in transforming the future of life science research.


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Be an early adopter of next-generation technology and join a community of innovators

Be among the first to apply our innovative functional phenomics CellCity platform in your own research lab and gain novel insights into complex biological mechanisms. Find out how our ground-breaking live-cell analysis platform advances your research by enabling you to track phenotypic changes in 1000s of cells over time and space at single-cell resolution and in a controlled cellular microenvironment.

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    • Try the CellCity System in your laboratory, no strings attached
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    • Enjoy full technical support and service
    • Take advantage of the optional phase 2

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    • Special discount when ordering your own “CellCity” System
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    One Platform. Endless Applications.

    Cell-cell interactions

    Study cellular communication at single-cell resolution, for example during EMT (epithelial–mesenchymal transition) in cancer metastasis.

    Cell Killing

    Discover and explore serial killing events of individual CAR-T cells. 

    Cell division

    Use cell division as a functional readout to understand the role of cell proliferation in disease.


    Visualize at single-cell resolution how, for example, a macrophage phagocytoses a cancer cell.

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    Our program ends soon and availability is limited, so don’t miss this risk-free opportunity to dive into the new dimension of functional phenomic analysis.

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    We are a young and dynamic company with a highly talented and motivated team of creative minds. Our goal is to develop and provide tools that empower our customers in answering the most relevant biological questions to catalyze research breakthroughs and drive innovation in diagnostics and therapeutics. Together with the support of our investors and the guidance of our advisors, we are determined to spark the next generation of biomedical research.

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