We are participating in the 18th CIMT Annual Meeting 2021, Virtual Edition (May 10 – 12)

Cellular interactions between cancer cells with stromal cells or with infiltrating immune cells are very crucial in the tumor microenvironment (TME). An in-depth understanding of these crosstalks is pivotal for developing and improving current cell-based immunotherapies.

Join our CSO & Co-founder, Robert Weingarten to learn more about our novel CellCity System and how it can enable deciphering cellular communications at a single-cell resolution for developing efficient and targeted immunotherapies. Our groundbreaking microfluidics-based technology can enable researchers for the first time to combine time-resolved functional phenotypes (killing or serial killing) of the dynamic interactions between CAR-T cells and cancer cells with molecular phenotypes (cytokine secretion profiling and scFv secretion) on a single-chip, accelerating next-generation cell-based therapies.