Press release – closed financing round and formed partnership with JÜKE Systemtechnik

Münster/Altenberge Dec, 2020

evorion biotechnologies GmbH is pleased to announce that it has closed a financing round with a group of new and existing investors and entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH.  The goal of the financing round and strategic partnering is to:

  • expand commercialization of evorion’s CellCity System as an integrated solution for single-cell functional phenomics
  • develop next generations of the CellCity functional phenomics platform
  • establish commercial production at industry standards

“In evorion’s effort to expand commercialization of the CellCity System, the collaboration with Jüke plays an essential role to ensure commercial instrument production and continuous optimization of quality and supply chain. In the development of next-generation products and platforms, the outstanding development and engineering expertise of Jüke will be utilized for transfer into commercial production already at an early stage”, said Dr. Sebastian Bühren, CEO and co-founder of evorion biotechnologies. He also added, “Besides winning a strong partner for evorion, we are happy to welcome Jüke as a new shareholder in the company.”

In this long-term collaboration, Jüke assumes the commercial-scale production of evorion’s CellCity instruments and will be actively involved in further engineering and optimization activities. “We are impressed by the high level of evorion’s innovation and the team’s strong focus on and understanding of customers and markets. We are looking forward to partner with evorion to expand into highly attractive markets with specific ground-breaking applications in biomedical, translational, and clinical research,” emphasizes Martin Hovestadt, managing partner of Jüke. “With a 30-years track record in engineering, production and supply chain management in the biomedical and diagnostic device industry, Jüke is committed to providing the best services to evorion, stimulating and expanding their business across the world,” he added.

Combining evorion’s functional phenomics technology with Jüke’s high-tech engineering expertise, the collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the current challenges of the single-cell analysis market.

About evorion biotechnologies:
evorion has state-of-the-art expertise in developing next-generation cell analytics technologies to empower life science researchers and catalyze breakthroughs for new diagnostics and therapeutics. evorion’s unique microfluidic-based lab-on-chip technology enables researchers to apply the functional phenomics approach in various research areas such as cell therapy, infectious diseases, immunology, and regenerative medicine. The currently launched “CellCity” platform is revolutionary as it allows multiparametric live-cell analysis of 1000s of cells at single-cell resolution, which was not possible until now due to limitations of suitable technologies. Learn more

About Jüke Systemtechnik:
Jüke has a long history of providing expert services in managing the whole portfolio (development, production, regulatory affairs) for companies working in the field of medical, analytical, optics and biotechnology. The experts at Jüke have advanced certified knowledge about mechatronic assemblies and devices, programming, system integrations, and standard-compliant documentation. Learn more


evorion biotechnologies GmbH
Dr. Sebastian Bühren
CEO & Co-Founder
+49 251 287 693 39

Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH
Dr. Stephan Hüwel
Head of Sales and Marketing
+49 2505 87 – 0

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