We joined LifeTime Initiative as industry partner

We are excited to share that evorion joins the LifeTime Initiative as one of the innovative industry partners. We joined the forces of LifeTime´s expert & interdisciplinary community of research pioneers, data scientists, clinicians, physicists, engineers, policymakers all across Europe to transform and improve healthcare through cell-based interceptive medicine. Being a part of the community, we aim to collaborate, co-develop projects with researchers enabling them to answer unresolved biological questions. Our unique chip-based functional phenomics platform will enable researchers for the first time to simultaneously analyze multiple functional phenotypes during cell-cell interaction. They can then couple those novel insights directly to each cell’s underlying genetic and transcriptional makeup, merging functional phenotypes with multi-omics data, improving the understanding of molecular mechanisms leading to diseases. Together we will create many milestones and reach the vision of the LifeTime community.

About LifeTime:

The LifeTime Initiative is a growing community of hundreds of innovators, expert scientists, physicians, industry leaders, policymakers, advisors, and industry supporters all across Europe. They aim to create and generate new tools and technologies in the area of single-cell multi-omics and imaging, artificial intelligence and machine learning, patient-derived experimental disease models to improve our current understanding of mechanistic insights into disease onset and progression. Learn more about LifeTime Initiative here.