Exhibition partner: Meet us at the 6th Annual CAR-TCR Summit 2021 (Aug 30 – Sep 2)

CAR and TCR-based cell therapies have revolutionized the landscape of cancer treatment. Harness the power of our innovative microfluidic-based CellCity System and the unique proprietary functional phenomics workflow to break past the bottlenecks and challenges to accelerate the development of novel CAR/TCR-based immunotherapies. For the first time, researchers can perform multi-modal analysis of cancer-immune cell interactions in a 3D microenvironment and link it with single-cell secretome and transcriptome analysis.

Learn about this and our custom development services from our team (Dr. Sebastian Bühren: CEO & Co-Founder, Hans Kleine-Brüggeney: CTO & Co-Founder) joining the 6th Annual CAR-TCR Summit 2021. If you are also participating in the conference, pre-book the meeting with the team or visit our virtual booth to discuss possibilities of how we can support your translational research and go-market clinical strategy in cancer therapies.

Full details on the CAR-TCR summit can be found here.