Launch of custom development services – Accelerate adoptive cell therapy development

The success of any adoptive cell therapy lies in how effectively and selectively engineered immune cells interact with cancer cells to induce apoptosis and tumor regression without severe side effects. Regardless of cell therapy type (Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) therapy, Engineered T Cell Receptor (TCR) therapy, Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cell therapy, or Natural Killer (NK) Cell therapy), developing a highly targeted, personalized and effective therapy requires a detailed understanding of the crosstalk between cancer cells and the engineered immune cells at pre-clinical stage.

Spearheading a movement to accelerate the development of new cell therapies via functional phenomics, evorion biotechnologies announces the launch of custom development services for biotech and pharma customers. We offer exclusive access to our unique, proprietary pipeline for in-depth multi-parametric analysis of thousands of cell-cell interactions at single-cell resolution. For the first time, researchers can connect a single cell’s functional phenotypes with multi-omics data, opening up a new realm of novel insights into cancer-immune cell interactions that will revolutionize cell therapies.

Pharma and biotech companies face costly and time-consuming assessment processes to adopt new technology platforms during their pre-clinical research. To accelerate their first-to-market strategy, our expert development team customizes our cell-cell interaction analysis workflow to the specifications of a customer’s research portfolio. Our highly skilled and interdisciplinary team collaborates with a customer’s research team to design, establish, and then run the target research project, providing a fast and easy path to proof of concept. After successful in-house validation, the evorion team facilitates the technology transfer onsite to guarantee efficient adoption and integration of our innovative functional phenomics workflow in the customer’s translational and clinical pipeline.

Let us partner in advancing human health and medicine by developing the next generation of cell therapies. To learn more about how our custom development services can remove barriers in achieving your next milestone to gain a competitive edge over others, click here.