Solid Tumors Summit 2021
Innovation Partner: Cellular Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors Summit 2021 (Nov 16 – 18)

Immunotherapies are shaping the future of tomorrow’s cancer therapies, especially playing an important role in treating solid tumors. Intratumoral heterogeneity and the complex tumor microenvironment (TME) possess major challenges for the development of breakthrough therapies for solid tumors.  

Therefore, a deep understanding of cell-cell interactions in TME is crucial to overcome these challenges and to develop novel effective cell therapies. Join us at the 2021 Summit for Cellular Immunotherapies for Solid Tumors. We are the proud innovation partner to support the conference and will share the latest insights and data from our functional phenomics CellCity platform on November 17th at 1:00 PM EST. Meet our CSO Robert Weingarten and learn more about our technology, enabling researchers to perform multi-modal analysis of cancer-immune cell interactions in a 3D microenvironment. Additionally, researchers can link these data with dynamic secretion profiles and transcriptome analysis at single-cell resolution.  

If you are also participating in the conference we would be happy to e-meet with you.  Meet us at our virtual booth to discuss possibilities on how we can support your translational research and go-market clinical strategy in cancer therapies. Full details and the agenda can be found here.