Joining Forces With Olympus
For Advanced Analysis Of
Cell-Cell Interactions

The combined strengths of evorion’s CellCity System and Olympus IXplore enable highly parallelized, dynamic cell-cell interaction analysis in a 3D microenvironment. Finally, high-resolution live-cell analysis applications are easy and accessible.

Olympus Scientific Solutions is now Evident Scientific.

evorion CellCity Scout-AI and Olympus cellSens software communicate seamlessly in a user-friendly interface to perform automated live-cell imaging routines.

• AI algorithms instantly process thousands of imaging positions.

• Smart filters allow selecting imaging positions by cell number, cell centricity, fluorescent channel, and other parameters.

The Olympus IXplore microscope system is a robust platform for fast, high-resolution time-lapse imaging of targeted positions on the CellCity Array Chip.

• High-content z-stacks generate in-depth 3D images of cells encapsulated in gel beads.

• The workflow is designed to accommodate either Olympus IXplore Live, IXplore Spin, or IXplore SpinSR for exceptional imaging capacity.

The CellCity System encapsulates cells in 3D gel beads and traps these in 3,400 positions on the CellCity Array Chip for long-term culture and monitoring.

• Facilitates controlled application of stimuli, drugs, or antibodies to measure and track cell behavior and biology.

• Correlate time-resolved functional phenotype with immuno-staining and other end-point measurements on the same CellCityArray Chip.


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