Dissecting unsolved complexity of cancer.

Unmask HeterogeneIty and resolve the layers of tumor microenvironment

Tumor cell heterogeneity poses a challenge to developing personalized cancer treatments. Within a tumor, cells are organized hierarchically, steered by stem-like cells which drive tumor growth, mediate metastasis, and contribute to treatment resistance resulting from genetic and epigenetic events that change the constitution and function of a tumor and the surrounding cells. Understanding that heterogeneity, especially based on the small number of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) found in liquid biopsies, will lead to breakthroughs enabled by our innovative functional phenomics platform.

Your Advantages

from CellCity in regards to oncology:

Control the pairing and surroundings of each cell studied

Capture the response of cells to perfused treatments

Examine cells singly or as they interact with other cells

Work in a continuously sterile environment

Track several functional parameters over time

Manipulate and characterize individual CTCs