Our mission is to revolutionize how we approach fundamental questions about cellular functions, their interactions, and their impact on both healthy and diseased states.

To that end, we have combined the latest in microfluidics, biomedical engineering, and software development to create novel tools which reveal insights that would otherwise be swamped out by conventional population-level cell experiments or limited to a small number of cells by individual-level cell monitoring.

Team with Chip


The CellCity System is a huge breakthrough in cellular phenomics. It is a unique, high-precision microfluidic device, which allows you to track and quantify the behavior of thousands of individual cells and cell pairs on a massively parallel scale as they respond to an experimentally controlled environment which mimics physiologically relevant 3D chemical and spatial conditions.

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We Believe

It is our sincere belief that top science emerges from detailed observations in a physiologically relevant context, and that the systems required to enable that approach are currently available for every lab. Our products are designed to build on existing lab infrastructure and foster the efficient use of resources by boosting productivity through the acquisition of complex insights in record time.

We are committed to advancing your research. With the purchase of an evorion product, you are also gaining the support of a team of creative scientists determined to make it possible for you to probe complex and fundamental biological questions through rigorous experimentation. We aim to be a dedicated partner in your diagnostic and therapeutic innovation.