EMIM 21 Cover
Poster presentation at the 16th Annual European Molecular Imaging Meeting – Göttingen, Germany (24th – 27th Aug)
We are very excited to join the 16th Annual European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM 2021) to be held in Göttigen, Germany, the first exclusive in-person meeting of the year. Meet Robert Weingarten (CSO & Co-Founder) at the poster session (PW02: Immuno-Oncology Imaging) on 25th Aug who will be present a poster entitled “Deciphering cellular interactions at a single-cell resolution for developing efficient and targeted cell-based immunotherapies” (poster no. 120). He will accommodate your queries about how you can apply the CellCity System in your research to unravel novel functional phenotypes in a 3D microenvironment and link those observations with underlying multi-omics analysis via our unique functional phenomics approach.

Full detail about the meeting can be found here.