Press Release – Announcing the appointment of top industry leaders to our supervisory board

Münster July 8, 2021

evorion biotechnologies GmbH, the pioneering developer of technologies for functional phenomics, announced today the establishment of its supervisory board. The newly appointed group of international experts and forward-thinking leaders of the healthcare industry will serve as a strategic advisory for evorion, as the company continues to grow and expand the positioning of its proprietary multi-modal platform and custom services on a global scale. These distinguished industry leaders bring comprehensive business expertise from different market segments and will work closely with evorion’s management team to support commercial scale-up strategies, as well as shape continued innovation.


The newly appointed supervisory board includes (alphabetical order):

  • Christian Scheiner – CEO at Cilian AG: Senior business executive with more than three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. His exemplary professional leadership and expertise in trans-Atlantic (USA, Europe, Latin America) business development and operational activities will facilitate forming highly valuable strategic business partnerships for evorion within the healthcare industry.


  • Helge Lubenow – CEO at Proteomedix AG: Senior management executive with extensive experience in cancer diagnostics, personalized medicine, and clinical research. The evorion team will expand and scale up its customer-based application portfolio with Dr. Lubenow’s support, leveraging her extensive background in next-generation medicine and overseas commercial strategies in the biotech sector.


  • Oliver Schacht – President and CEO at OpGen Inc.: Corporate finance executive and expert in the molecular diagnostics industry. Based on his strong life science business and world-class management/consulting background, he will support evorion in designing and executing financial measures to support evorion’s steep growth trajectory. In 2020 and 2021, he raised $ 70 million in equity capital on Nasdaq for OpGen Inc. where he serves as President and CEO.


  • Steffen Bersch – CEO at SSI SCHÄFER Group: Internationally renowned executive manager with over 15 years of leadership experience. His knowledge of corporate business development and governance is highly regarded and will buttress evorion’s activities to establish solid large-scale operational solutions and processes for entering into the global customer market of next-generation technologies.


Mr. Christian Scheiner has been elected chairman and Mr. Oliver Schacht vice chairman of the newly appointed supervisory board. “This is a great milestone for evorion”, said Dr. Sebastian Bühren, CEO and co-founder of evorion biotechnologies. “We thoughtfully curated this supervisory board to include world-class industry experts from the biotech, pharmaceutical, advanced technology, and business operational sector. These are some of the sharpest business leaders in the space and together with their guidance we will expand our business to the next levels and revolutionize healthcare by targeting the customer-based market in the advanced cell analytics market”.

Mr. Scheiner adds: “I am very pleased to lead the supervisory board as the chairman and support its strategic planning and operational execution in growing the business. evorion´s novel functional phenomics platform and services are groundbreaking and will accelerate the development of a new generation of medicines and research in the current cell therapy market.”


About evorion biotechnologies:

evorion has developed its innovative CellCity System that enables multi-modal analysis of thousands of cell-cell interactions in a 3D microenvironment at single-cell resolution and offers custom development services to access evorion´s unique, proprietary functional phenomics workflow. For the first time, researchers can connect a single cell’s dynamic and functional phenotype with underlying multi-omics data, enabling novel insights into various cellular molecular mechanisms that will boost translational research and developments in single-cell interceptive medicine. Learn more at



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