Our Cells

the Management

Dr. Sebastian Bühren

MSc, University of Münster, University of Toronto PhD, Max Planck Institute

Sebastian manages Business Development at evorion. He leads with extensive experience in the life sciences, diagnostics, and pharma industries from his previous position as global product manager at QIAGEN, and business development manager at AYOXXA Biosystems

Hans Kleine-Brüggeney

MSc, RWTH Aachen University, University of Cambridge

Hans laid the groundwork for evorion’s innovative technology during his graduate studies. An alum of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, his commitment to advanced technologies has earned him the RWTH Schöneborn Award. Hans leads Engineering & Production at evorion

Robert Weingarten

MSc, Westfälische Hochschule Recklinghausen, University of Münster

With advanced know-how in systems, software, and application design, Robert oversees Research & Development at evorion. His experience includes the successful completion of product and application development projects at several diagnostic labs, including BlueSens GmbH

Market Development Team

Dr. Thomas Bauer-Jazayeri

Director of Marketing and Sales
MSc Hochschule Mannheim, PhD University of Heidelberg

Having a track record as top-executive positions in various biotech & life science companies such as Thermo Fisher or Affymetrix, Thomas brings with him many years of global industry-specific commercialization, product marketing experience. He steers worldwide business development, marketing, and sales at evorion.

Dr. Stephan Brockmann

Director of Sales
MSc University of Düsseldorf, PhD University of Düsseldorf

Stephan leads the sales and market development activities at evorion. With a background in life science research, he has extensive experience in international sales and in managing global distributors in various biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device industries such as Promega Corporation, Indivumed Group & Curetis GmbH.

Core TEam R&D

Our research and development team truly defines creativity, motivation, and innovation. Our interdisciplinary team enjoys combining their specialzied expertise to introduce novel applications, services, and innovative products to answer some of the most complex questions in research. They are only ever a call away to provide full technical support to our customers and collaborators.





Core Team

Software & Engineering

Our dedicated software and engineering teams are the lifeline of our company. They are always ready to go the extra mile to provide expert support in product and design development. Together with our partners, they are continuously advancing our cutting-edge technology.







Core Team

Marketing & Sales

Our marketing and sales team are the eyes and ears of our company. They are constantly pushing boundaries and limits by introducing our innovative products and services to support our customers across the world. They love taking on challenges and building strong relationships with our customers and partners to provide a competitive edge for our company and accelerate its growth.